Friday, March 14, 2008

Mentally overload!

It is just like any other routine job. Very simple, easy, and anybody can do it. The why can't I master it after being at this job for almost 2 weeks? Going to work is like stepping into a warzone for me these days, why is that so???

1. I am not adequately equipped with the 1 and only weapon I need (extensive knowledge)

2. I tend to forget my weapons, and usually go to 'war' empty handed, resulting in being defeated by the 'enemies' very badly

3. I am dumb, I don't get things right even after I made the 2nd mistake

4. I don't have a strategy, hence I will lose in the war.

Conclusion: I am just very bad at my job (x.x)

just another day..... posted at 8:02 PM.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Vote for Malaysia? Betul ke ni????

Legally, I am an adult. Hitting 21 last year was supposed to mean I am legally entitled to do certain stuff that only 21 year olds and above are allowed to... hehe, I'll leave you to imagine of the so-called 'priviledge' access every 21 year old is granted in this worldly world.

So, people, 21 means can vote larr. True, but since I came back, I did not know I need to register like 1 year before only they can 'update' your name into the electors roll. Crazy meh, need to take few months to a year to actually update some simple data like this. I know larr, maybe got billions of new voters, but then pretty unbelievable lar when I actually found out about this.

What I thought was to register myself in February (means last month) then I can be eligible to vote like tomorrow. Mana tau when I check on the internet, then I found out last year mid-year they had this campaign to sign new voters up. Mid year last year leh, elections is on March 8, so memang kena tunggu lama kalau nak jadi voter larr.

Kalau ini macam, means I nevermind lar. As a good citizen, I decided I wanna take a longer time to think who should my precious 1 vote go to in the future. I was amused to see the EC chairman's house kena splashed by red paint. True enough, I also wanted to ask him what happens to the special election ink. Throw into rubbish bin, or return the goods to the supplier and ask for refund???

Malaysia Boleh! Election Boleh! yalah tu, semua pun boleh. Lebih baik bukan cakap kosong. Have a nice election people. Say hello to our new government this coming 8th March 2008. It's bound to create history, or should I say repeat history.

just another day..... posted at 11:18 PM.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The damage is done, don't look back!

I rejected what could be the pathway to a very lucrative offer ahead.

I rejected what I had always dreamt of doing.

I rejected what I might regret in the near future.

I rejected what might be the experience of a lifetime.

I rejected it because I put my survival ahead of anything else.

And will I ever look back, no, even though I have shed tears over it. It is all over now.

What matters is I make use of what I have now and invest it into my future.

Yeap, that should be the way, should it?

Is this really what I want? To be honest, I am clueless.

But something has to start from somewhere, here I am.

The end.

just another day..... posted at 8:15 PM.

Monday, March 03, 2008

A New Week, A New Beginning

Life seems so "happening" for me at this point. Not that I have fun-packed activities going on around me 24/7, I just can't believe the things I went through within 1 week. Last Tuesday itself I was working in CHC, and this Wednesday, yes this Wednesday (05/03/2008) I will start off as an intern with Vichy.

Now you may be asking, hey, I am technically a fresh grad, why go for an intern position??? Well who knows, I might want to go back to UK in July to work and attend my graduation ceremony. But then again, depending on my performance with Vichy, I might progress further than expected. God must have really took care of me, I even met Mr GM on my way for my 2nd interview just outside the office building. Mr GM is one of the nicest guy I have met, he acknowledged that he remembered me after 1 year of my absence and was as humble as ever.

I proudly salut you, Mr GM, and I look forward to joining your organization soon~ Hope eveything I wish for may come true. Hardwork + faith + patience = Accomplished mission!

just another day..... posted at 9:48 PM.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day 2, new work, new life

Day number 2 is significantly different from day 1. Significantly different because I learned so much new things that my head hurts at the end of the day. UBS and DOME will make my head spin 360 degrees for a few days because it has so MANY steps. I believe if I can conquer it within 1 week, I am a champion for sure!!!!! Not to mention how many people you have to alias with and how busy the warehouse is, it will take its toll on my brain for sure! (x.x)

God, please give me the strength to conquer the devil inside me. And please, please let me pass my final exam and achieve at least a 2:1 for my degree.... Or else, I am as good as dead. The end!

just another day..... posted at 9:34 PM.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Working life begins, exactly one month since I 'balik kampung'

26 January 2008: My flight KL??? touched down in KLIA at 3.30pm, my first time stepping back into this part of the world since I left Malaysia exactly one year ago...

20 February 2008: I got my very first 'last-minute' interview at Loreal HQ in PJ uptown, my dream company. I was excited, yet unsure about what to be expected. Overall, the interview went on well, just that I stumble upon a few personal questions. I hope they will let me proceed on to the 2nd interview.

26 February 2008: I start working as an assistant at my uncle's shop in Kapar, with the logistic department. Obviously, the first day is the most boring day (as expected, I can still remember my first day at my previous 2 jobs) I hope to learn more on this job and be absolutely awesome with it.

I met my two little babies in Klang as well. Lay Pay's Ming Jie was cute as ever, but naughty. Sonia's boy was pretty good during his first few days in this world, but what will he turn into when he grows up is a really good question. Haha, I miss my UK life and my friends back there. Everyone has returned to UK except me, EXCEPT ME!!!! I hate it, I want to be back as soon as possible in UK. I miss my little 'piggy' there............................

just another day..... posted at 10:13 PM.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Me at a nice stream in Lake District

just another day..... posted at 7:18 PM.

At lake district with Connie and Anita

just another day..... posted at 7:15 PM.

Me with my long hair at Starbucks, NCL airport

just another day..... posted at 7:14 PM.

Nieces, all cute and cuddly

just another day..... posted at 7:12 PM.

Reunion with my BeeKayRianz

just another day..... posted at 7:11 PM.

Back home, and bored!

Chinese New Year came and gone just like that, one more year has come for the Chinese calendar. This year will definitely be a challenge to me, almost graduating with no specific aims of what to do, where to go and how to achieve whatever I want. Life, obviously seems so clueless to me now.

Being back in Alor Star is definitely good, seeing all my little nephews and nieces growing up is awesome. The weird thing is, I dreamt I was giving birth yesterday. Scare the hell out of me, luckily I woke up telling myself I am NOT pregnant yet..... Lolzzz

Share with all of you some pictures of me~

just another day..... posted at 7:02 PM.

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